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Cernadas-Martín S, Suter EA, Scranton MI, Astor Y, Taylor GT.  2017.  Aerobic and anaerobic ammonium oxidizers in the Cariaco Basin: distributions of major taxa and nitrogen species across the redoxcline. Aquatic Microbial Ecology. 79
Lorenzoni L, Varela R, Rueda D, Muller-Karger F, Rojas J, Guzmán L, Astor Y, Montes E.  2017.  Cambios Espaciales y Estacionales en la Hidrografia y Bioquimica de la Region de la Fosa de Cariaco. Mem. Fund. La Salle Cienc. Nat.. 74(181-182) Lorenzoni_etal_2017_Cambios Hidrogr Bioquim Fosa de Cariaco_.pdf (1.46 MB)
Marquez A, Dale A, Troccoli-Ghinaglia L, Lopez-Monroy F, Senior W, Rios A, Muller-Karger FE, Astor Y, Varela R.  2017.  Carbon regeneration in the Cariaco Basin, Venezuela. Brazilian Journal of Oceanography. 65(1)
Astor Y, Guzmán L, Troccoli L, Lorenzoni L, Muller-Karger F.  2017.  Síntesis de las tendencias de los parámetros oceanográficos y ópticos en la estación serie de tiempo CARIACO (enero 1996–diciembre 2013). Mem. Fund. La Salle Cienc. Nat.. 73(181-182) Astor_etal_Sintesis_Memoria_2017_.pdf (1.36 MB)
Lorenzoni L, Rueda D, Montes E, Varela R, Rojas J, Guzmán L, Astor Y, Muller-Karger FE.  2017.  Spatial variability in factors that control the sinking flux of organic and inorganic particles in the Cariaco Basin: a vision from space. International Journal of Remote Sensing. 38(22)
Rueda-Roa D, Mendoza J, Muller-Karger F, Cardenas JJose, Achury A, Astor Y.  2017.  Spatial variability of Spanish sardine (Sardinella aurita) abundance as related to the upwelling cycle off the southeastern Caribbean Sea. PLoS ONE. 12(6)
Montes E, Altabet M, Muller-Karger FE, Scranton MI, Thunell RC, Benitez-Nelson CR, Lorenzoni L, Astor Y.  2013.  Biogenic nitrogen gas production at the oxic–anoxic interface in the Cariaco Basin, Venezuela. Biogeosciences. 10 Montes_etal_2013a.pdf (3.42 MB)
Muller-Karger FE, Lorenzoni L, Montes E, Thunell RC, Taylor GT, Scranton MI, Benitez-Nelson CR, Astor Y, Varela R, Troccoli L et al..  2013.  The CARIACO Ocean Time-Series: 18 years of international collaboration in ocean biogeochemistry and ecological research. Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Newsletter - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution . Winter edition Muller-Karger_etal_2013 (3.26 MB)
Bout-Roumazeilles V, Riboulleau A., E. Châtelet Adu, Lorenzoni L, Tribovillard N., Murray RW, Muller-Karger FE, Astor Y.  2013.  Clay mineralogy of surface sediments as a tool for deciphering river contributions to the Cariaco Basin (Venezuela). Journal of Geophysical Research. 118 Bout-Roumazeilles_etal_2013.pdf (1.22 MB)
Wejnert KE, Thunell RC, Astor Y.  2013.  Comparison of species-specific oxygen isotope paleotemperature equations: Sensitivity analysis using planktonic foraminifera from the Cariaco Basin, Venezuela. Marine Micropaleontology. 101 Wejnert et al. 2013 Mar Micro.pdf (2.6 MB)
Turich C, Schouten S, Thunell RC, Varela R, Astor Y, Wakeham SG.  2013.  Comparison of TEX86 and UK′ 37 temperature proxies in sinking particles in theCariaco Basin. Deep Sea Research I. 78 Turich_et_al_2013.pdf (1.09 MB)
Muller-Karger FE, Taylor GT, Astor Y, Thunell RC, Scranton MI, Varela R, Troccoli L, Lorenzoni L, Montes E, Fanning KA et al..  2013.  From affiliated project: The CARIACO Basin Ocean Time-Series. Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone Newsletter. 1 Muller-Karger_etal_2013_LOICZ (3.39 MB)
Astor Y, Lorenzoni L, Thunell RC, Varela R, Muller-Karger FE, Troccoli L, Taylor GT, Scranton MI, Tappa E, Rueda D.  2013.  Interannual variability in sea surface temperature and fCO2 changes in the Cariaco Basin. Deep Sea Research II. Astor_et_al_2013.pdf (1.47 MB)
Samodurov A.S, Scranton MI, Astor Y, Ivanov L.I., Chukharev A.M., Belokopytov V.N., Globina L.V..  2013.  Modeling vertical exchange of heat, salt, and other dissolved substances in the Cariaco Basin. Deep Sea Research I. 71 Samodurov_et_al_2013.pdf (973.39 KB)
Marshall BJ, Thunell RC, Henehan MJ, Astor Y, Wejnert KE.  2013.  Planktonic foraminiferal area density as a proxy for carbonate ion concentration: A calibration study using the Cariaco Basin ocean time series. Paleoceanography. 28 Marshall_et_al_2013.pdf (1002.88 KB)
Montes E, Thunell RC, Muller-Karger FE, Tappa E, Lorenzoni L, Troccoli L, Astor Y, Varela R.  2013.  Sources of δ15 N variability in sinking particulate nitrogen in the Cariaco Basin, Venezuela. Deep Sea Research II. Montes_etal_2013b.pdf (1.53 MB)
Lorenzoni L, Taylor GT, Benitez-Nelson CR, Hansell D, Montes E, Masserini R, Fanning K, Varela R, Astor Y, Guzmán L et al..  2013.  Spatial and seasonal variability of dissolved organic matter in the Cariaco Basin. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. 118 Lorenzoni_et_al_2013.pdf (2.35 MB)


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